Child Portraiture

There is something special about Child Photography. It's like capturing innocence and peace, mixed with the rawness of newly formed awe and awareness. It's how we all started out and how we all wish we could still view the world... But when you look back at photographs that were taken of you when you were a child, it's typically safe to assume that the photos have a lot of red-eyes, are somewhat blurry and/or accidentally have half of your face cut off. Or they're from a studio session where you dressed to the nines in formal-wear looking directly at the camera with what we can all affectionately call the "Cheese!". While I'm certain that you look absolutely adorable in them, those photographs are now all slipped into an old album with pages covered in cellophane and are sitting somewhere yellowing and fringing at the corners. But all the same, when you rummage through the attic or the closet to find and look at them, they flood you with emotions from the memories you have of that time and the people you shared it with.

Child Portraiture | Selinsgrove PA | Eberle Images

Imagine then if the images of the fun moments of your childhood were professionally taken. Imagine pouring through a custom, leather-bound album from when you were ten years old to see your face lit up with happiness as you ran around your yard playing tag with your first puppy. Or picture being handed down a beautiful, professionally-framed Archival Print of you and your mother snuggled up reading a book together when you were five. At Eberle Images, that is the goal we have for your children.

My style is simple. I live for authenticity. Jimmy just lost one of his front teeth? Perfect! Molly only wants to wear overalls accented with her favorite tutu and a tiara? Let's shoot it! I want to record the little things; to tell their story as they are at this particular moment and this particular age. Let's capture your children participating in the activities that make them laugh or nuzzling into your shoulder after they've tuckered themselves out. I want real. Because those are the moments they will remember and want to look back on, not the "Cheese!". Those are the memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Those moments are flying by...