About Me

Have you ever had a moment where you were taken aback by emotion? That instant where you said to yourself, "Woa... I never realized just how much I could feel at one time". It's kind of like your heart is full to the point of bursting but so light it could float right out of your chest... Oh I know, very sappy. But if you have kids chances are you've felt and said some version of this to yourself at one point or another.

For me, the first time I felt this was watching my husband hold my daughter after a bath. Now normally, Bree has straight hair like her Dad. But once it gets wet, these crazy curls start to form on the top of her head. It's one of the first little quirks I noticed about my sweet girl. That day she had just gotten out of the tub and was in this silly, happy mood playing with her Dad by the window. All the sudden, she just turned towards me and gave me the most amazing, soul-touching smile...

Child Photoraphy | Pennsylvania Family Photography | Eberle Images, LLC

Needless to say, I was instantly struck with the warm feeling of completeness and comfort, like nothing was wrong in the world and it would be impossible to feel any better than I did right then... And I thanked the photography gods that I had my camera in my hand!

This is my why. Every time I see this portrait, I'm gifted that same feeling again and again. Because it's not just a portrait of Bree; it represents a touching and intimate moment that my husband, daughter and I shared that I never want to forget. At Eberle Images, that is the goal; to be able to blanket your home with the touching memory of those little moments you and your family cherish most. To turn your life's joy (from your family’s beginnings all the way through your children leaving the nest!) into beautiful and profound art that can be shared for decades to come.

Hi! My name is Erin Eberle and my love of photography began at a young age (sorry Dad, for always stealing your film!). Being able to capture the stories taking place around me was a truly special feeling and always something I was drawn too. But it wasn't until I experienced the loss of my childhood home and photographs, that I truly began to appreciate how important a role photography would play in my life.

I suppose sometimes it's hard to really grasp how much a photograph can mean to you until they're no longer there for you to look at... even when they're dusty and mothball-smelling, you miss them! In some instances it's not only the photo that's gone, it's the memory of that particular time or event and the people that were in them with you. And while I still remember those people and those times, without the tangible artifact in my hands to show me just how things were, the sights, smells and feelings just didn't seem to come back quite as strongly. It became apparent rather quickly to me how fleeting those special moments were and are without the assistance of photographs and I clung to my camera with the desperate desire to capture everything I possibly could!

You see, I'm one of those people that reads books very slowly. Not because I'm a slow reader... I read and re-read paragraphs to soak up as much emotion from them as I possibly can. I know those characters inside and out and there isn't a detail that I miss... As a mother now watching my daughters grow before my eyes, there isn't a moment that I want to forget. And like a good book, I want to soak in those moments over and over again.... Photography has become my source of comfort. It blankets me with page upon page of the story of my family. And you better believe I've backed up all of my photos this time!


By day I’m a baker and a gardener, a wife to an amazing husband, and a mother to two sweet little girls! I’m a huge coffee lover. I can’t go a day without listening to music and if I had it my way I would go hiking as much as possible. I love watching and playing sports (and played them all through college) and I love drawing and painting. Let’s get to know one another and make the things you love to do and the people you love to do them with come to life through imagery!

Specializing in Children, Family, and Wedding Photography, my shooting style is authentic and raw. I want to capture you and your loved ones in a truly profound way that brings the emotions you're experiencing flooding back. That's why with Eberle Images, you're not just getting a photo shoot, you are getting a unique and personalized experience that will leave a lasting impression!